Windows VPS Hosting

Join thousands of customers enjoying unparalleled control, flexibility, and security with Kamatera’s Windows VPS hosting.

Windows: #1 For a Reason

There’s a reason Windows is the most popular operating system. It’s intuitive and easy to use. Choosing Windows for your VPS server provides familiarity, compatibility, support for Microsoft technologies, remote desktop access, scalability, and built-in security features.


Kamatera’s VPS hosting gives you the power and reliability of a dedica environment tailored to meet the needs of your Windows-based applications and services. Our Windows VPS platform offers a robust and flexible solution for hosting your applications, websites, and databases, providing you with fast performance and high-level security.


Blazing-Fast Server Speeds

We use cutting edge hardware, such as Ice Lake Processors and NVMe SSD, to deliver fast response times with 99.95% uptime.

Affordable Pricing from $4

Only pay for the services you need. Our flexible monthly and hourly pricing models allow you to keep your costs under control.

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical support specialists are available 24/7 so you can receive help when you need it.

Windows VPS

One of Kamatera’s most popular server options.

Forex VPS

Outstanding performance at a low price point.


Higher data transfer rates, and increased reliability.

Linux VPS

Deploy a server specially designed to work with Linux distributions.

Why Trust Kamatera’s Windows VPS Hosting Services?

If you’re looking for a Windows VPS service from an established company with a strong track record in flexibility and reliability, Kamatera is the answer. It offers you more privacy and more power: Windows VPS servers use a hypervisor to dedicate a percentage of a cloud server’s capacity and processing to each user. Your space is private and all yours.

  1. Experience: Kamatera has been providing cloud infrastructure and VPS hosting solutions to clients worldwide since 1995.
  2. Flexible pricing: Only pay for what you use with our hourly or monthly pricing.   
  3. Cutting-Edge Technology: Kamatera utilizes the most current technology to deliver powerful, enterprise-class solutions. Run your server from the latest models of Intel Xeon Gold/Ice Lake processors, 2.7GHz+ with 99.95% uptime.
  4. 24/7 Support: Kamatera provides 24/7 customer support to assist you with all your VPS server issues and questions. Our technical support staff is always on duty, so you can get help when you need it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windows VPS hosting?

Imagine a single server split into isolated, high-performance sections for multiple users. That’s a Virtual Private Server (VPS). A Windows VPS takes this a step further by using the ultra-secure and easy-to-use Windows Server operating system as its foundation. 

Kamatera’s Windows VPS server gives you options to install and configure the specific Windows version, ASP.NET framework, and additional features your software needs, giving you complete control over your virtual environment.

Why should I choose Windows for my VPS server?

Choosing Windows for your VPS server offers several advantages:
1. Compatibility: Windows VPS is compatible with a wide range of software applications, development frameworks, and databases. If your organization relies on Windows-based applications or services, choosing a Windows VPS ensures seamless integration and compatibility with your existing infrastructure.

2. Familiarity: Many users are already familiar with the Windows operating system, which can make transitioning to a Windows VPS easier for your team. The user-friendly interface and familiarity with Windows-based tools and utilities simplify server management and administration tasks, reducing the learning curve for your staff.

3. Support for Microsoft Technologies: Windows VPS provides native support for Microsoft technologies such as .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, SQL Server, and Active Directory. If your organization develops or uses applications built on these technologies, a Windows VPS offers a well-supported and optimized environment for hosting and running them.

4. Remote Desktop Access: Windows VPS offers remote desktop access using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), allowing you to connect to your virtual server from anywhere with an internet connection. This feature facilitates remote administration, troubleshooting, and software installation, enabling your team to manage the server efficiently from any location.

5. Scalability: Windows VPS offers scalability options that allow you to adjust server resources such as CPU, memory, and storage based on your specific requirements. Whether you need to scale up to handle increased demand or scale down during periods of low activity, a Windows VPS provides the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

6. Security Features: Windows VPS includes built-in security features such as Windows Firewall, User Account Control (UAC), and BitLocker encryption to protect your server and data from unauthorized access and security threats. Additionally, regular security updates and patches from Microsoft help keep your Windows VPS environment secure and up to date.

What operating systems are available for deployment on Kamatera’s cloud VPS?

Kamatera offers a wide range of operating systems for deployment on their cloud VPS hosting platform. These operating systems cover a variety of Linux distributions as well as Windows options, providing flexibility for different use cases and preferences.
You can install any of the following operating systems or bring your own license or custom operating system:
Rocky Linux

Will my data be secure on a Windows VPS server?

Kamatera’s VPS cloud servers are ideal for organizations that require high discretion and security. Apart from offering a secure virtual environment for operations, our Windows-based cloud services provide these advantages:

· Reliable and resilient cloud networks, which eliminate the risk of technical failures by collecting resources from the shared infrastructure
· Increased data privacy with adherence to data protection regulations
· Energy efficiency by using shared electrical resources

Are Windows VPS servers more expensive?

VPS services based on any operating system cost the same. There is no premium price for servers that run on the Windows operating system. 

What can a Windows VPS be used for?

A Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) can be used for a variety of purposes, thanks to its versatility, compatibility, and robust features. 

Here are some common uses for a Windows VPS:

Web hosting
Application hosting
Development and testing environments
Remote desktop services
Database hosting
Game servers
Digital marketing
Custom solutions

What kind of customer support can I expect from Kamatera?

Kamatera offers global customer support that operates 24/7/365, catering to customers in all time zones. Our skilled and dedicated administrators provide enterprise-grade service to assist with any minor or major issues, delivering unbeatable response time, expertise, and commitment to all clients.

Customers can connect with us through calls, live chat, or email to get prompt solutions. For large enterprises requiring consistent support, we offer personalized service with a dedicated cloud administrator continuously monitoring and managing servers.

Is there a minimum contract period for Kamatera’s cloud VPS hosting?

Kamatera offers flexible billing plans that allow you to pay on a monthly or hourly basis, depending on your usage. If you only need a VPS for a short-term period, you don’t have to pay for a full year. 

What is the payment method for Kamatera’s cloud VPS hosting services?

Our system accepts credit/debit cards issued by your local bank branch with a cardholder’s name. We also accept payments through PayPal. We do not accept virtual, prepaid, or electronic cards.

You can use the Kamatera pricing calculator to select the exact server specifications you need and find out how much you can expect to spend.

Upon signing up, a $1 to $2 charge is initiated to verify the validity of your credit card. This charge will be promptly voided within one business day. The purpose is to confirm the authenticity of your payment method.

Do you accept resellers of your Windows VPS hosting services?

We offer a reseller program that allows individuals or businesses to resell Kamatera’s cloud services, including VPS hosting, cloud servers, and other cloud infrastructure solutions, to their clients.
Kamatera’s reseller program is an ideal solution for companies that want to offer managed cloud services or website hosting to their clients without having to deal with infrastructure setup costs and hardware maintenance.

Our technical team can support even your most technically complex hosting clients. Your customers will benefit from using our enterprise-grade cloud solutions while you focus on managing the relationships. The reseller program includes the ability to white label our services with your branding and logo and control your pricing and billing.

Can I scale my cloud VPS resources up or down as needed?

Yes, you can easily scale your Kamatera cloud VPS resources up or down at any time. Kamatera offers flexible scaling options that allow you to adjust your server’s resources to match your changing requirements. This can be done with a few clicks through Kamatera’s easy-to-use console.

Scaling up involves increasing your VPS resources, including CPU, RAM, and storage, to accommodate higher traffic, increased workload, or additional applications.

Scaling down involves reducing your VPS resources when you no longer need as much capacity. This can help optimize costs and ensure that you’re only paying for the resources you actually use.

Kamatera’s scaling options make it easy to adapt your cloud VPS environment to meet your evolving needs, whether you need to accommodate sudden spikes in traffic, support new projects, or optimize resource allocation for cost efficiency.

In what locations does Kamatera offer VPS servers?

Kamatera has data centers globally distributed in strategic locations, so you can provide faster loading times and a smoother user experience, anywhere your users are logging in from.

VPS servers are available in the following data center locations:

United States: Chicago, Dallas, New York, Miami, and Santa Clara

Canada: Our Toronto data center provides a secure connection to this major market in North America.

Europe: Stockholm, London (UK), Madrid, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Milan

Asia: Our data centers offer coverage in various Israel locations and Hong Kong.