The Kamatera Cloud Network

Our data centers are designed to deliver the highest standards in performance, security, surveillance, and disaster prevention. We employ only certified and qualified network engineers to maintain our network and provide our customers with reliable performance.

Reliable Performance

Run your servers on the latest processors. We use cutting-edge hardware, such as Ice Lake Processors and NVMe SSD, to deliver consistent speed and 99.95% uptime.

Fail-Proof Environments

All our servers are connected to a conditioned UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and are N+1 redundant with instantaneous failover to ensure continuity.

24/7 Support

Our professional team of technical support specialists is available to assist you with all your needs 24 hours a day so that you can receive help no matter when you need it.

Kamatera’s Global Data Centers

Large global network of data centers for ultimate availability and performance

  • Quickly add load balancers, firewalls, private networks and more
  • Windows & Linux operating system edition (100+ OS images)
  • Scale out to hundreds of servers in seconds
  • Purpose-built, high-end data centers
  • No single point of failure
  • 99.95% up-time guaranteed

Speed Tests

Our data centers operate according to the
highest global standards

AICPA – SOC 2 – TYPE II compliant or better data center

Maintained under a fully climate controlled environment, to keep temperature and humidity at optimal levels for electronic equipment

Ergonomically designed for quick and easy access of technicians, including wide aisles, raised floors, excellent lighting and underfloor cabling

High level security including multi-stage physical access control into and through the building, CCTV, security personnel, monitoring sensors and alarms

Infrastructure redundancy including power supplies, cooling systems and alarms

Electronic monitoring of all device failures

Continuous upgrading of equipment to ensure reliability and performance – every item is replaced after 3 years in service

Advanced building structure to provide resilience against earthquakes

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