Diagonal Scaling

Scale your computing power while keeping costs under control with
diagonal scaling by Kamatera.

Grow Efficiently

We provide complete diagonal scaling solutions for growing enterprises. Our solutions combine the benefits of vertical and horizontal scaling, ensuring cost efficiency and superior performance.

  • Improved Resource Efficiency
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Flexibility

How Does It Work?

Kamatera’s diagonal scaling incorporates horizontal and vertical scaling strategies, enabling enterprises to scale up until their server reaches full capacity vertically. With our solution, businesses can clone existing servers to increase resource availability per their computing needs.

This solution is ideal for enterprises that encounter unpredictable spikes in demand, as it provides them with the flexibility and adaptability required to expand or contract their operations readily.

This is a highly effective mechanism for increasing throughput and maximizing performance indefinitely. The underlying infrastructure used by Kamatera is suitably designed for diagonal scaling, ensuring a smooth path from a server with very little load (such as a development machine) to a server setup that can handle high usage from many simultaneous requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is diagonal scaling?

Diagonal scaling is a hybrid of vertical and horizontal scaling, affecting both computing power and availability.
Vertical scaling, known as scaling up or down, involves adjusting computing power by changing memory, storage, or processing power on an existing server. This approach may also involve changing equipment, with no modifications in software or code. Vertical scaling may cause downtime or performance issues during equipment upgrades, but it can optimize performance in the long run.
Horizontal scaling, also known as scaling in or out, adjusts the number of servers available, increasing availability and distributing traffic across more instances. This process is typically software-dependent and automated and may have little or no downtime.
Diagonal scaling offers maximum flexibility, particularly for growing companies.

What are the benefits of using Kamatera’s diagonal scaling services?

Diagonal scaling enables enterprises to increase their capacity indefinitely, optimize their output and performance without limitations, and minimize costs by only adding resources when necessary. Additionally, diagonal scaling ensures high availability, redundancy, and fault tolerance by distributing workloads across multiple servers.

How do I know when it’s time to implement diagonal scaling?

You can implement diagonal scaling if your current infrastructure is struggling to handle increasing workloads, you’re experiencing erratic surges in demand, or you’re looking to improve your overall performance and scalability.

What is the cost of Kamatera’s diagonal scaling solutions?

The cost may vary depending on the requirements of your business. You can contact our customer success representatives to receive a personalized quote.