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When server performance determines your company’s success, choosing a reliable host is key. Kamatera’s powerful cloud infrastructure ensures fast loading times and 99.95% uptime, with flexible pricing that allows you to pay just for the resources you need.

Reliable Performance

We use cutting-edge hardware to deliver fast server response times and a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

Flexible Pricing

Only pay for the services you need. Our flexible monthly and hourly pricing models allow you to keep your costs under control.

24/7 Support

Our technical support specialists are available 24/7 so that you can receive help no matter when you need it.

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Powerful Solutions for Global Enterprises

Cloud Servers

Scalable servers running on the latest processors provide the performance and stability you can depend on.

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Virtual Private Cloud

Build an exclusive, highly secured cloud infrastructure for your organization.

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Cloud Firewall

Safeguard your cloud servers with industry-leading cloud firewall protection.

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Load Balancers

Evenly distribute workloads across servers with reliable cloud load balancers.

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Block Storage

Store your data with our centralized architecture with no single points of failure.

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Managed Cloud

Let our experts manage your cloud infrastructure for you.

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