Cloud Block Storage

Effortlessly add scalable and highly available cloud block storage to your servers.

Fully Scalable Cloud Block Storage

Kamatera’s cloud block storage is an advanced data storage system that emulates a virtual private hard disk for cloud servers. It features a centralized architecture with no single points of failure. The data is fragmented into blocks, and each block is individually tagged with a unique identifier (metadata) before storage. This approach allows for ultra-low latency and optimal performance, particularly when managing high-throughput workloads.

Our Cloud Block storage is adaptable to the size of your server and database, providing a secure storage environment for small and large businesses. The storage volume is customizable to match your business’s specific requirements. Additionally, you have complete control over the storage of your data, as you can modify individual blocks without having to rewrite the entire file.

Highly Reliable

Our fully redundant system uses high-performance SSD-accelerated disk drives.


Store any data, including website files, databases, logs, media files, offline backups, and more.

Flexible Pricing

Pay only for what you use and expand as needed to accommodate a database of any size.


We operate the simplest pricing model, charging by the minute according to the billing cycle of the server to which the storage block is attached.

  • 0.05$ per GB per month

There are no extra charges for IOPS and there are no IOPS limits. Reach up to 20,000 IOPS for each cloud block storage object. You can receive 100 GB of cloud block storage for just $5 a month. You may adjust or drop your block storage volume anytime you like and pay just for your usage until that point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I expand server disk capacity in cloud block storage?

Our cloud block storage solution provides a cost-effective means to expand server disk capacity and easily store files, backups, and archives, databases, and more, providing an ideal solution for growing businesses with increasingly larger databases.

How can eCommerce enterprises use Kamatera’s cloud block storage?

Our cloud block storage is an excellent solution for eCommerce enterprises looking to handle high website traffic while maintaining optimal speed and user experience. Online stores are typically file-I/O intensive due to the loading of numerous images. This slows down the servers to accommodate large files. However, with our cloud block storage, all multimedia files can be stored separately, enabling users to access them without affecting the website’s performance.
Additionally, eCommerce companies can easily connect multiple sites with Kamatera’s cloud block storage. By uploading images from a single location on the block storage, businesses can save valuable upload time on all their websites.

Does Kamatera’s cloud block storage support archiving?

Our cloud block storage can be used for archiving emails, historical data, event logs, and more. This allows you to free up your local systems and resources and maintain an easily manageable archive. Moreover, you can access these archives from any location using private credentials.

How can I set up Kamatera’s cloud block storage?

Cloud block storage can be added in a matter of seconds, by following these simple steps:
·   Sign in to the Kamatera Cloud Management Console
·   Visit the Cloud Block Storage menu
·   Locate Cloud Block Storage in the “Product” category
·   Select “Add Cloud Block Storage Volume”
·   Enter the amount of memory you require. If you already use block storage, simply adjust the existing memory allocation as required.
·   Press the “Attach” button
·   Select the instance to which you’d like to attach the Cloud Block Storage volume
Kamatera has no hidden or extra charges for IOPS. We also have no IOPS limits. You can use up to up to 20,000 IOPS for each cloud block storage object without paying an additional cost. You can also adjust or decrease cloud block storage volume anytime you need and only pay for the used volume.