How do I Create a New Server

From the administrative panel on the left, navigate to “My Cloud” > “Create New Server”.

Create a New Server

  1. Select a region and datacenter location.Create a New Server
  2. Choose an OS or application/service image and version to be installed.Create a New Server
  3. Choose version.
  4. Choose the CPU type and server hardware specs.Create a New Server
  5. Enable Daily Backup for a complete 14-day backup. This is a separate charge. Full details can be found on our pricing page.
  6. Toggle on Management Services to receive a dedicated account manager. This is also a separate charge monthly. More details can be found on our pricing page.
  7. Configure the networking (or leave as default).Create a New Server
  8. Set a password and name for the server (This will be used for things like SSH and RDP logins).Create a New Server
  9. Select a billing type (Hourly or Monthly).Create a New Server
  10. Select “Create Server”.
  11. Server setup progress can be seen within the “Tasks Queue” window.



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