Start-Up Solutions


At Kamatera, we believe in supporting startup companies and helping them to achieve their goals. We understand that a new company, no matter how promising its idea, can have initial budget and staff restrictions.

We know that it is difficult to build a cloud server infrastructure without a generous IT budget and a systems administrator, which most startup budgets cannot accommodate. That is where Kamatera’s Startup Solutions come in: Our team of experts has two decades of technical experience in building cloud server infrastructures. We are here to help you build a system to suit your growing needs and budget, and offer significant discounts to startup companies with a solid business model.

Scalability is at the core of our services, and we are able to start you off with a simple yet secure system, and help you scale it up as your business grows. Our products also offer the technical capabilities to build sophisticated high-tech systems such as web applications or algorithm development, which are common in the startup field.

Our client base includes many successful startup companies, and we believe in investing in fledgling organizations and building a long-term relationship that grows as they do. We offer flexible, highly discounted services to startup companies, on the basis that if we invest in them early on, they will stay with us as they grow into successful enterprises.