How to Connect to Your Server

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide to connecting to your server. Whether you’re using a Windows, Linux, or macOS server, getting started requires going through the right sequence of steps. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring a smooth setup for your server connections. Below are detailed instructions tailored to each operating system, providing you with a clear path to successful server management.


How to Connect to a Windows Server

Step 1: Locate Server IP

Find the IP address in your web console after creating the server/desktop.


Step 2: Open Run Window

Press “Win key + R” and type “mstsc” in the search bar.



Step 3: Enter Server IP

In the “Computer Name,” insert your server’s IP.


Step 4: Enter Login Details

When prompted, select additional choices and input:

User name: administrator
Password: [Your chosen password]

Step 5: Handle Security Warnings



Step 6: Verify Connection

You should now be connected to your server.

Note: For Windows Home Edition, a third-party RDP application is required. Check your OS version using the “winver” command in the Run window.


How to Connect to a Linux Server

Note: To connect to the server based on one of the Linux distributions, you will need to use SSH, not RDP.


Step 1: Initiate SSH Client

Open PuTTY for SSH connections.


Step 2: Enter SSH Details

Input your server’s SSH IP and port, then click Open.

The default SSH port is 22 (root@**.**.**.**)


Step 3: Login

Enter the default username (root) and your SSH password.


Step 4: Confirm Connection

You should now be connected to your server via PuTTY.


How to Connect to a MacOS Server

Step 1: Install Microsoft Remote Desktop

You download this from the Mac App store.



Step 2: Set Up Connection

Open Microsoft Remote Desktop, click “Add PC,” and enter the server’s IP.



Step 3: Input Credentials

Provide the administrator username and your chosen password.

User name: administrator

Password: *the password you chose when creating the server*

Step 4: Establish Connection

Double-click the saved connection to start.

In Microsoft Remote Desktop, find the connection you just created and double-click it to initiate the connection.


Step 5: Use Your Remote Desktop

You can now operate the Windows server from your Mac.

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