Cloud Load Balancer


Kamateras Cloud Load Balancers can be resized using the control panel or API.  Estimated Traffic is based on existing customers operating applications, so the configuration may vary from one application to another depending on your specific usage.

Please see below for configuration and pricing details:


SizeCPURAMEstimated TrafficPrice
Medium11024MBUp to 50Mbit/sec $19
Small1 2,048MBUp to 100Mbit/sec$25 
Large24,096MBUp to 500Mbit/sec $64
Extra Large44,096MBUp to 2Gbit/sec$114 
Above 2Gbit/sec, scalability can be achieved by adding more Cloud Load Balancers as you need.

Additional Bandwidth Costs:

  • Internal in zone traffic - free of charge
  • Incoming traffic - Free of Charge
  • Outgoing traffic - Included the servers pricing.

Rates are fixed to all zones in all regions