Reflections on 2023: A Year of Growth for Kamatera

Rachel Burstyn · Dec 26, 2023 · 4 minute read

As we turn over another calendar page, we at Kamatera want to update you on the significant improvements and upgrades that we implemented during 2023, as well as the new product features that you can expect from us in 2024. We also want to share some exciting news about our new acquisition. 

Expanded Global Reach

We are excited to announce substantial increases in our worldwide coverage, as well as our infrastructure and support capabilities, all aimed at providing you with the most reliable, scalable, and secure cloud platform.

First off, we are expanding our global reach with 5 new data centers in Milan, Madrid, Stockholm, Chicago, and Miami. These locations were strategically chosen to reflect market trends and ensure coverage in the most high-demand locations. 

Milan: Positioned at the heart of Italy, our Milan data center will cater to the growing demand for cloud services in Southern Europe. It will enhance connectivity and bring our services closer to businesses in the region.

Madrid: Spain is a thriving hub for technological innovation, and our new data center in Madrid reflects our dedication to supporting the dynamic IT landscape of the Iberian Peninsula.

Stockholm: The Nordic region has emerged as a key player in the tech industry, and our Stockholm data center reinforces our presence in Northern Europe, offering enhanced services to businesses in Scandinavia and beyond.

Chicago and Miami: In the United States, our new data centers in Chicago and Miami will play a pivotal role in extending our reach across North America. These strategic locations are chosen to optimize performance and ensure seamless connectivity for our clients.

Strengthened Infrastructure

In tandem with our global expansion, we’ve significantly augmented our infrastructure. By investing in cutting-edge technology and expanding our server capacity, we are laying the groundwork for a more robust, high-performance cloud platform.

Whether you’re a startup with ambitious growth plans or an enterprise managing extensive workloads, our enhanced infrastructure is geared to meet your challenges, ensuring that your applications run smoothly, regardless of the scale.

Elevated Customer Support

We’ve also tripled the size of our customer support team during 2023, to expand the breadth of our support and serve you better. We pride ourselves on providing knowledgeable and friendly support around the clock for all your needs, including technical help, sales inquiries, and billing questions.

Multilingual Milestones

Recognizing the diverse global landscape of our audience, this year we have added website content in three languages: Russian, Spanish, and German. This endeavor reflects our commitment to inclusiveness and aims to provide a more personalized and engaging experience for our users, regardless of their native language. We look forward to enriching our foreign-language content with more pages and information, and for two new languages, Hebrew and French, to be added in 2024. 

A Unified Vision for Excellence

We ended the year by finalizing the acquisition of VPSserver, a cloud provider with data centers in Europe, the United States, and Asia. This strategic move leverages the combined expertise and infrastructure of both companies, so we can continue to give our clientele the high level of service they’re used to, while offering VPSserver’s customers:

We’re confident that the combined strengths and expertise of the newly joined companies, operating as Kamatera, will create a powerhouse that will lead the way in providing cloud services tailored to meet the evolving needs of the market.

And lastly, Kamatera CEO Tal Holtzer shares his vision for the company: “At Kamatera, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal; it’s a commitment. Our intuitive product console is set to be upgraded with added solutions that will improve the user experience. We look forward to reaching even higher in 2024, by continuing to add features and products that will provide our customers with the most reliable, scalable, and secure cloud platform to host critical applications.”

Looking Forward

In retrospect, 2023 was a year filled with growth, groundwork, and building (and lots of meetings). We at Kamatera are excited to offer our future-ready cloud platform that delivers the most scalable and secure hosting experience. Your success is our success, and we are committed to providing you with the tools, support, and innovation needed to thrive. Here’s to a transformative 2024, where we strengthen our pledge to excellence and help you propel your business to new heights. 

Rachel Burstyn
Rachel Burstyn

Rachel Burstyn is Kamatera's Content Marketing Manager. A tech enthusiast, she has written extensively for B2B software companies, including a data analytics platform and a visual AI tool for e-commerce retailers.