Cloud Servers

Use Cases

Kamatera’s fully virtualized cloud servers are a low-cost, versatile and comprehensive solution to a variety of computing requirements. Below are some cloud server use cases, outlining the main advantages of using Kamatera’s cloud server hosting services.


Enterprise organizations can benefit from space-saving and labor reductions by switching to a cloud server infrastructure. With a cloud server system, a server room is not required, and server maintenance is reduced significantly. Time-consuming tasks such as managing, scaling and ordering new servers are easily replaced with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

A cloud computing infrastructure provides enterprises with a robust operating environment for client server applications, with virtually zero downtime. In fact, Kamatera guarantees 99.95% uptime!

Kamatera’s global network of data centers allows for enterprise companies to easily and quickly set up regionally located servers, providing a faster response time to users in that region. This in turn creates a superior user experience for your clients, and allows you to upgrade your online services to modern, browser-based alternatives.

SaaS Products

SaaS applications are often subject to rapidly changing server infrastructure requirements. Kamatera’s cloud server services allow SaaS companies to adapt and scale their computing systems easily and instantly, adopting a cost-effective model whereby you pay only for what you use.

Your initial server set-up can be designed as a modest infrastructure consisting of a single server providing simple processing, storage and database capabilities - and as your users grow, this infrastructure can be gradually increased, to keep performance at a maximum and costs to a minimum.

Websites and Applications

Content management systems, web services and business apps all require a high level of dedicated memory, processing power and database resources to deliver the performance expected of them. Kamatera’s leading technology ensures unbeatable performance and server speed at all times. Kamatera’s multi-server, multi-geolocation distribution ensures maximum performance.

With Kamatera’s cloud servers, you have constant access to cutting-edge computing power and tools, adopting a flexible scaling model to ensure you do not waste money on resources you don’t need, and our customer support services are available 24hours a day.

Development Environments

Development environments are highly suited to cloud server infrastructures, due to their sophisticated processing and often increasing resource requirements. Opting for a cloud server system offers the advantage of being able to scale, increase and add servers as required, at the touch of a button. These can be easily configured to suit your needs; for development, testing, version control, UAT, custom versions etc.

Kamatera’s cloud server solutions allow developers to choose from a variety of components with a simple, instant ordering process, no upfront hardware expense and just a modest monthly fee. If you no longer need any element of your cloud server infrastructure, you can simply remove it at any time and stop paying for it instantly.

Transaction Processing

A Cloud Computing infrastructure allows you to enjoy on-demand scaling when transaction processing increase and more computing power is required. Cloud servers allow you to increase resources as required by your particular business for example for seasonal events such as holidays, end of the month, end of the year etc. At all other times, you can decrease server power once more, and keep operating expenses down.

The same system can be adopted for other components that are often utilized by transaction processing systems, such a disk storage. With Kamatera’s virtual cloud servers, increases can be made in gradual, cost-effective increments - controlled by you in real time, or set to happen automatically.

On the Trading Floor

Online trading is a highly time-sensitive business environment that requires the fastest possible response time and cannot afford to be offline.

Kamatera’s cloud server infrastructure meets both of these requirements by guaranteeing 99.95% uptime, with the added advantage of being able to add resources at peak times, both manually or automatically.

Run any App

In addition to the examples listed above, Kamatera’s cloud servers can provide an effective solution for any business computing needs. Our cloud servers can run any software that you can run on your local servers, PCs or workstations. Kamatera brings that power - effectively and transparently - to the desktop of every administrator, manager and user.