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Passbolt is an open-source password manager specifically designed for teams and businesses. It focuses on providing a secure and collaborative way for teams to store, manage, and share their passwords and other sensitive information.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for deploying Passbolt?

Passbolt has been reported to work on a large variety of servers. However, it is recommended to run Passbolt using the stable version of a major Linux distribution such as Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, etc.

The minimum virtual machine specs:
2 cores
Internet access

Here are more details in the FAQ for hosting requirements.

What are the common use cases for Passbolt?

Passbolt is an open-source password manager designed for teams and businesses. Its primary focus is on providing a secure and collaborative environment for managing and sharing passwords. Common use cases for Passbolt include:

Password management, team collaboration, secure password sharing, client and vendor access, role-based access control, browser extensions, end-to-end encryption, password policies and expiry, audit trail and logging, self-hosted deployment, integration with other tools, and compliance and regulatory requirements

What are popular alternatives to Passbolt?

Several popular alternatives to Passbolt for team-based password management include:

Keeper Security
ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

How does Passbolt differ from other password managers?

While all password managers aim to secure your credentials, Passbolt stands out from the crowd in several key ways:

1. Focus on Teams and User Management: Passbolt is built with teams in mind. It offers robust user management features, granular permission controls, and seamless sharing capabilities.

2. Open-Source and Self-Hosted: Passbolt is open-source software, allowing for full transparency and customization. 

3. Unified Vault for Various Credentials: Passbolt serves as a unified vault for storing various sensitive information like SSH keys, API tokens, and secure notes, streamlining access and management for authorized users.

What query language does Passbolt use?

Passbolt primarily uses MySQL for its database management and query operations.

Why should I choose Kamatera for Passbolt hosting?

Here’s why Kamatera stands out as the most compelling option for Passbolt hosting:

Cutting-edge hardware: Kamatera leverages Intel Xeon Platinum processors and NVMe SSD storage, guaranteeing exceptional performance for your solution.

Global network reach: With 21 data centers strategically located across four continents, Kamatera provides low-latency access to your server, regardless of your users’ geographical locations. This minimizes lag and ensures consistent performance for geographically distributed teams.

Elastic infrastructure: Kamatera’s infrastructure seamlessly scales to accommodate your growing needs. You can easily add or remove resources on-demand, without downtime or performance bottlenecks. 

Industry-leading security measures: Kamatera prioritizes security by implementing data encryption, access control mechanisms, vulnerability scanning, and compliance with industry standards like PCI DSS and SOC 2.

24/7 Support: Kamatera’s dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter with your Passbolt hosting.