Web & App Developers


Kamatera’s cloud computing services are ideally suited to developers’ needs, delivering high performance technology, low-maintenance products and affordability.

Kamatera provides developers with flexible, plentiful computing resources that save you from having to deal with infrastructure management and frees up your resources for software development.  Some of the advantages of using Kamatera’s products and customer service offerings are below:

  • Server is regularly updated with new, more reliable hardware components
  • Hot hardware upgrades mean no need for downtime
  • No initial outlay on purchasing a server
    Fast connection to the web
  • Easier development from multiple locations
  • Unaffected by local infrastructure failures such as ISP failures and electric cuts
  • Professional cloud experts on hand 24/7
  • No need to address infrastructure issues
  • Fast environment creation for new trials and/or dedicated customers

To learn more about Kamatera's affordable high, performance development requirements, contact us today or sign up for a free trial.