SaaS Provider Infrastructure


The SaaS business model and cloud infrastructure have developed along a similar timeline, and therefore naturally compliment each other.  Formerly known as ASP (Application Service Provider) and typically run off dedicated servers, modern SaaS applications and their growing requirements are now ideally served by cloud computing systems.  Kamatera provides all the cloud computing architecture a SaaS provider needs to keep ahead of this industrys growing demand.

Kamateras wide selection of cloud computing products can be adapted in a modular fashion to suit your developing SaaS business. During the early stages of business development, when the number of users is smaller, Kamatera can provide basic services of key importance such as round the clock system availability and fast reaction time for users. As your Saas business grows, you can add computing power and services as required, in line with your development.

Kamateras cloud services allow SaaS providers to expand at their own pace, making sure the excellent performance enjoyed with a relatively small user base continues without compromise as your business grows and your demands increase. This adaptation to change can be implemented as often as required, to maximize performance whilst minimizing cost.

Our cloud infrastructure is deployed internationally, to ensure low latency for any client base around the world. Using Kamateras DNS Service, Load Balancers and Managed Cloud Service, necessary adjustments can be made for you by our skilled cloud administrators, with no system downtime or any other inconvenience to your users.