Partner Program

Program Overview

Kamatera’s global success is reinforced by our network of professional business partners, who provide Kamatera’s premium cloud computing products to their customers as an extension of their own offerings, or as a recommended suite of products.

Offering Kamatera’s products not only provides credibility, and added services for your customers, but also generates additional income at no expense to you.

Kamatera offers two partnership options to suit every type of business:

1.Affiliate Program
Anyone can join this program and start generating extra income.  Regardless of your core business activity, you can refer clients to Kamatera and we will pay per client you refer or a percentage of the business generated by your introductions.

Rest assured that our dedicated team of cloud specialists will provide the best in products and customer service to the clients you refer, and maintain your reputation as a business professional.  Best of all, there are no costs involved in becoming a Kamatera Affiliate Partner and the earning potential is significant. Please see Affiliate Program for more details.

2.Partners and White-Label Program
If you are already active in the IT sector, Kamatera’s Partners Program is probably more suited to you.  Either buy Kamatera’s products at wholesale and resell to your clients, or take advantage of Kamatera’s professional white-label package that provides you with all the tools necessary to sell Kamatera’s products as if they were your own, with no need to invest in the products upfront.

Whatever path you choose, Kamatera provides your customers with the best of cloud computing products and services, including flexible configuration, CPU power, block storage, load balancers, firewalls, DNS and more, and the ability to scale up and down immediately.

Our Partners

Typically, our partner profile consists of providers of software or hardware systems as well as consultants who work with cloud computing infrastructures.  These types of companies have expertise in software and operating systems, and partnering with Kamatera allows them to offer a reliable, high performance cloud infrastructure to their clients.


Affiliate Program

Earn Money as a Kamatera Affiliate Partner in minutes.

Kamatera offers multiple affiliate plans paying for each active user up to 200$ per user, based on affiliate eCPA plan offering.

As an affiliate we will provide you direct access to our marketing system where you can track your incoming traffic, signups, active users and more in real-time.

In the affiliate marketing platform you will be able to create custom tracking links, use our media and banners materials for your affiliate work & much more.

Any new signup will automatically be assigned to you and you will receive a commission for each client affiliated by you based on the chosen affiliate option.

Kamatera saves your client’s tracking code cookie for 365 days and once user signed up, you will get paid whenever the user is qualified for eCPA, even after 3 years (lifetime user assignment).

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Reseller Program

Earn Money by Starting a Hosting Company

With the Kamatera Reseller Program, you can become your own web hosting company without having to worry about any hardware.  The program provides you with all the tools necessary to start a business immediately:  You can create control panels for each of your clients and either generate your own invoices or let us facilitate the billing cycle for you.

How Does The Reseller Program Work?

There are two options in our Reseller Program:

  1. Buy & Sell Directly
    With the buy & sell option, you simply purchase any of Kamatera's products and services at a wholesale price and directly resell them to your clients at a retail price that you set.  You will also enjoy additional discounts and benefits which you can use to offset your own server costs, or have paid out to you at your convenience.

  2. Full White Label With API
    With the full white label option, you can start your own hosting company in hours using a complete working system provided by Kamatera.  You can tailor the control panel according to your own branding, and set it up as your own so your clients will never know it has been provided by a third party.  This option pays a fixed percentage of the total monthly bill of all your clients, and is the easiest way to start your own company.

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White Label Control Panel

Kamatera’s full white label reseller program provides you with a complete suite of tools and services to help you market and manage your own clients' hosting products, with no upfront investment, ongoing maintenance or need for a technical team. This option pays you a fixed percentage of the total monthly bill of all your clients, whilst we take care of server management, hardware upgrades, maintenance etc.

White Label Features

  • Custom control panel text
  • Add your own logos and branding
  • Billing details exportable as CSV report
  • Full API access

Your clients' sites are hosted on our white label control panel, which you can tailor according to your own branding and specifications so your clients will never know the service has been provided by a third party.

Our products are cost-effective and technologically advanced to compete with the leading international cloud hosting brands, and our skilled support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any issues.