Partners Program

Kamatera’s global success is reinforced by our network of professional business partners, who provide Kamatera’s premium cloud computing products to their customers as an extension of their own offerings, or as a recommended suite of products.

The Kamatera cloud infrastructure provides our partner companies with a complete ‘white-labelled’ cloud environment that they can offer their customers, branded as their own products. Those who prefer a direct contractual agreement between their customer and Kamatera, can simply refer them to us and we will handle everything from start to finish.

Whatever path the partner chooses, Kamatera provides our partners’ customers with the best of cloud computing products and services, including flexible configuration, CPU power, block storage, load balancers, firewalls, DNS and more, and the ability to scale up and down immediately.

Who Are Our Partners?

Our partner profile consists of providers of software or hardware systems, as well as consultants who work with cloud computing infrastructures. These types of companies all have expertise in software and operating systems, each in their own way, through consultancy, development and/or deployment. Partnering with Kamatera allows them to offer a reliable, high performance cloud infrastructure to their respective clients. Some examples of partner companies are the following:

1. IT solution providers
2. Software development companies
3. System integrators
4. IT Consultants

Benefits of Being a Kamatera Partner

1. High commissions
2. Enterprise class support
3. Enterprise grade performance

If you are a software development company, system integrator or consultant and would like to hear more about how Kamatera partnership works, we would be happy to hear from you.

For more information on the different types of Programs we have Click Here or alternatively complete the form below to start the process of becoming a Kamatera Partner.