Migration Services

Server migration is a process in which data is moved from one environment to another for any number of reasons including for security purposes or because equipment is being replaced or upgraded.

This process can be daunting due to the transfer of complex systems to often unfamiliar environments and is therefore usually performed by a team of server migration specialists.

Kamatera provides a variety of cost-effective (and in some cases free) migration services, catering to the transfer of anything from a corporate website to a multiple server distributed software application, provided by a specialized team of professionals.

Cloud Migration - Solution Overview

Many businesses want to take their computer-based systems to the next level but are put off by the challenge of upgrading to a different infrastructure. Often the thought of migrating data, applications and services to new servers can even make even IT managers delay the decision to move ahead.

The good news is that server migration can be handled for you in its entirety by Kamatera’s cloud administrators; a team of highly-experienced professionals who are familiar with the potential issues and have successfully executed many system migrations in the past.

The potential problems that system owners can run into, caused by DNS switchover, database transfer and Apache setup are the very issues we encounter and overcome every day. By using Kamatera’s migration service, we can take care of the entire migration process, to or from our cloud servers, seamlessly. Your users will not notice any change in functionality – other than an improvement in performance!

Through our professional partners, we can also provide a complete end-to-end application migration service of VB6 and .NET applications to the cloud.

How our Migration Services can benefit you

1. Your migration task is completed seamlessly and without delay, by a specialized team
2. We do everything for you, saving you time and providing peace of mind
3. Our expert team can offer you better solutions that you may not know about
4. Our service is almost certainly more cost-efficient that using your own team

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