Cloud Consulting

Planning your cloud computing infrastructure correctly is as important as planning other elements of your business. Corrections made at an early stage will always be more effective than those made at a later date.

Kamatera’s expert team of cloud consultants are here to guide you when strategic decisions have to be made. They have a solid understanding of internet infrastructure and application architecture requirements, and their experience and systems outlook can help you make the right decisions today to benefit you tomorrow.

Our dedicated consultants will advise you in connection with:

  • Migration to alternative architecture
  • DNS server planning
  • Global data center deployments
  • Disaster recovery (DR) implications
  • Expected server load
  • Cloud security
.... and more.

The consultancy typically covers the following stages:

1. Statement of strategic objectives
2. Identification of processes
3. Estimation of computing resources needed at different stages
4. Selection of operating system, database and other software required

How it Benefits Your Company

Making use of our expert guidance can provide the following advantages:

1. Streamlining your cloud architecture to ensure you have the optimum cloud resources to meet your needs without overspending.
2. Making informed and appropriate decisions at the planning stages of your cloud infrastructure.
3. Educating and informing your IT management team about cloud infrastructure and its potential issues, saving them valuable time in the future.

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