Mobile Application Solutions


Kamatera provides the reliable infrastructure that you need to keep your mobile web apps running on all devices at all times. Using your private Cloud Web Management control panel, you can access and adjust your computing requirements instantly.

The benefit of using Kamatera for your server infrastructure is that you dont need to employ mobile web server admins, or get involved in O/S service packs, patches or updates. We can take on the task of server management for you, whilst you maintain the ability to overlook the process and even override it if you wish.

Help is on hand 24 hours a day for any technical questions that may arise on our 24/7 helpdesk.

We provide both Linux and Windows servers to suit any development platform and to host mobile web apps built in J2ME, .NET or PHP.


How it Works

When you are at the stage of pre-production development, the server power you need will likely be relatively low.  Kamateras virtual servers let you start on a minimum monthly budget, saving you the upfront purchase costs of hardware or software. 

Enjoy pay-as-go commitment-free cloud hosting, with no long term contracts or hidden costs; we keep our customers by giving them the best value for their money!

As you expand your client base, you can scale up your cloud infrastructure to keep ahead of demand, and without incurring unnecessary expenses.