Fully Managed Cloud

How it Works

Kamatera’s Fully Managed Cloud is a comprehensive and cost-effective business solution, delivering all the benefits of a cloud computing infrastructure whilst saving you time and effort by taking on all the cloud management tasks that you or your IT team would otherwise have to perform.

Kamatera’s team of cloud experts are highly trained professionals who manage cloud infrastructure on a daily basis, so you can trust them to deliver impeccable service. Fully Managed Cloud services consist of support, installation/configuration and operations tasks as outlined below.


Kamatera’s support desk is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, by experienced system engineers who you can contact by telephone and email. Support staff can assist with operating systems and associated services: Bind/DNS, Apache, MySQL, pureFTP, FTPd, crond, cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdm, and resolve any problems or issues that you report.

Installation and Configuration

Kamatera’s expert cloud computing team designs, installs and configures your operating system and security upgrades as per your requests, with features such as software patches for operating system, web server, application server, database and other system software. The setup and fine tuning of web servers is also included, as is domain transfer from other servers to Kamatera’s servers if required. Finally load balancing setup, as well as firewall installation and other elements can be performed by our expert team.

Operation and Monitoring

Fully Managed Cloud services include the analysis of network traffic going in and out of your server system, as well as recommendations regarding cloud infrastructure changes resulting in improvement in performance. Monitoring the status of your server day and night and addressing any problems that arise without having to disturb you is a major benefit of Kamatera’s Fully Managed Cloud.

We also manage the running of daily backups, restoring folders or files from backup as required, firewall monitoring and ongoing setup, and 24/7 monitoring of http, ping or other operating services running on the server.