Disaster Recovery


Disaster recovery management consists of preventing a disaster and quickly resuming critical functions in the unlikely case that disaster strikes.  Kamatera provides a comprehensive solution for the planning and implementation of disaster recovery.  We provide the software, servers and expertise required to safeguard your data and keep your systems running at all times.

Kamatera’s disaster recovery solutions include 24/7 real-time data replication, content system monitoring and a Server Recovery Option (SRO).  The main benefits Kamatera’s disaster recovery services include:

  • Preventing loss of data from Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint or any other database
  • Replicating your data over an IP network, allowing it to be quickly restored whenever required
  • Guaranteeing business continuity and high availability by quickly restoring access to data in the event of system failure
  • Giving your users a continuous working environment
  • No installation or maintenance required
  • High protection at low cost

How it Works

Disaster recovery is an ongoing process that requires updating and management in line with technological development.  Our consultants will explain how to do and this help you formulate a disaster recovery plan thats right for your company.

Kamateras disaster recovery solutions include 24/7 real-time data replication, whereby your database is saved onto a hard disk drive in real-time so that an up-to-date your version of your data is always available for restoration.  Kamateras Disaster Recovery solution allows you to specify a recovery point objective (RPO) down to the second, which in turn provides you with a recovery time objective (RTO) of minutes.

Running alongside the real-time backup process, Kamateras system also monitors the state of health of your servers and anticipates the moment of failure.  If this happens, the monitoring system issues a notification to the failover mechanism and system administrator to ensure that data recovery can commence as quickly as possible.

Finally, in the case of a failure, recovery is achieved by an add-on solution known as a Server Recovery Option (SRO), whereby the original production system is bypassed using electronic switching, and is replaced by a backup machine.  All user traffic can be seamlessly redirected to the backup system, which will continue to work as the production machine, without affecting functionality or user experience.


Kamatera licenses and implements Double-Take, the leading DR product.

For more details of the Kamatera data recovery service, see Disaster Recovery Management