Cloud Migration


Server migration is a process in which data is moved from one environment to another, often for security purposes or in order to replace or upgrade because equipment.  The process can be daunting due to the transfer of complex systems to often unfamiliar environments and is therefore usually performed by a team of server migration specialists.

Kamatera provides a variety of cost-effective (and in some cases free) migration services, catering to the transfer of small to corporate websites,  multiple server distributed software applications, and more.

Kamateras cloud administrators - a team of highly-experienced professionals who have successfully executed many system migrations in the past - can perform the cloud server migration from start to finish.  Potential problems that system owners can run into, caused by DNS switchover, database transfer and Apache setup, are issues that we overcome every day. By using Kamateras migration service, we can take care of the entire migration process, to or from our cloud servers, seamlessly.

Through our professional partners, we can also provide a complete end-to-end application migration service of VB6 and .NET applications to the cloud.

Use Cases

Hosted Corporate Website

  • Background: A company has used the services of a website hosting provider for years for its Joomla-based CMS
  • Problems: Slow site performance, emails sent get rejected by receiving servers
  • Solution: Move sites to a new Kamatera cloud server with web hosting panel, using migration services. Simply provide the Kamatera migration team with the details of your existing hosting account and domain registration, and they take care of transferring: all CPANEL settings, email accounts, databases and DNS definitions 

Moving From Development to Production

  • Background: A startup has been developing a mobile web application in .NET on a local office based server, used exclusively by the development team. It has bee decided to make the application available for beta testing
  • Problems: The server cannot support several hundred simultaneous users, it is not backed up with multiple internet connections or secondary power supplies
  • Solution: The Kamatera migration team can duplicate the software infrastructure of the test environment to a new Kamatera cloud Windows server, including transfer of data to SQL Server database 

Globalizing Corporate Data

  • Background: An international company has its main customer database (Oracle on Unix) on a local network and employees connect via VPN from abroad
  • Problems: Cannot deploy new web applications on the LAN-based database, single point of failure, lapse time when accessing database from remote locations
  • Solution: The Kamatera migration team can deploy the database on the cloud in two locations - Europe and Asia - and synchronizes between them using a load balancer. This will facilitate the deployment of new web applications, increase robustness and reduce response time 

Updating VB6 Applications

  • Background: An enterprise organization heavily invested in VB6 applications, looking to modernize
  • Problems: An application rewrite will tie up enormous resources and might take over a year to complete. It is difficult to find developers willing to work on VB6, and you are not familiar enough with the web development environment
  • Solution: Our in-house infrastructure migration team and our application modernization partners will take your VB6 apps and turn them into the web apps you’ve been dreaming of - at a fixed price and set delivery date


Whatever your reason for wanting to upgrade your server infrastructure, migration need not be a reason to put off the process.  With Kamatera’s cloud migration services, the daunting task of transporting your application, website or database is made simple so you can enjoy the benefits of a better system immediately. 

Kamatera’s team of highly-experienced professionals, who have successfully executed numerous system migrations in the past, can perform the cloud server migration from start to finish without loss of performance.

Moreover, using a specialized team of migration experts has additional benefits.  Our IT team may be able to suggest options or upgrades that you were not aware of and that can improve the performance, efficiency or cost-effectiveness of your server infrastructure.   Outsourcing an expert team to perform your server migration is not only more secure and time-effective but in most cases, significant cheaper than using your own staff.