Cloud Migration


Server migration is a process in which data is moved from one environment to another, often for security purposes or in order to replace or upgrade because equipment.  The process can be daunting due to the transfer of complex systems to often unfamiliar environments and is therefore usually performed by a team of server migration specialists.

Kamatera provides a variety of cost-effective (and in some cases free) migration services, catering to the transfer of small to corporate websites,  multiple server distributed software applications, and more.

Kamateras cloud administrators - a team of highly-experienced professionals who have successfully executed many system migrations in the past - can perform the cloud server migration from start to finish.  Potential problems that system owners can run into, caused by DNS switchover, database transfer and Apache setup, are issues that we overcome every day. By using Kamateras migration service, we can take care of the entire migration process, to or from our cloud servers, seamlessly.

Through our professional partners, we can also provide a complete end-to-end application migration service of VB6 and .NET applications to the cloud.