Worldwide Infrastructure


Maximize Server Performance

One of the advantages of the cloud is that it is a global resource, accessible from anywhere - but there is still some importance to where you deploy your cloud servers.  Kamatera’s global data centers are located around the world in order to achieve the best performance and reaction time for your users.  For example, accessing a cloud server based in Hong Kong from a location in China will save latency time compared to accessing a similar server based in the U.S.

To maximize performance and give users the best experience possible, Kamatera has servers in 13 data centers worldwide; in New York, California, Texas, Toronto, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and the middle East serving Asia and Africa.

For high traffic cloud servers, you can add a load balancer to distribute network traffic across different data centers.

Facilitate Data Recovery

Having access backup cloud servers located in different continents, but managed from the comfort of your PC helps you to visualize and implement your data recovery.

You can manage international cloud servers independently with Cloud Web Management, our free server management portal, or we can do it for you to save you time and effort.

How it Benefits Your Operations

  1. Keep performance high regardless of user location and regional traffic load
  2. Reliable data recovery
  3. One convenient control panel


Our dedicated expert guidance will give you the following

  1. Make your IT management personnel aware of the cloud infrastructure and issues faster, saving them valuable time
  2. When planning your cloud infrastructure you will make the correct decisions from the beginning
  3. Ensure you have the optimum cloud resources to supply your needs without overspending