Application Hosting

Use Cases

Windows server and Unix operating systems allow you to deploy almost any application on the cloud.

  • VB6: Install the VB6 runtime and database on the cloud server and upgrade your existing application by enjoying newer, faster hardware that you can scale up or down as your needs change
  • .NET: You can put the .NET framework on your cloud server in the same way as you would on any physical server. If the app is an enterprise system serving the employees of your organization, you can restrict the clients to specific IP addresses to guarantee security
  • SaaS: Enjoy our infrastructure as a service at the same rate as you expand your software as a service.  Start small and when you need more computing power and resources, scale up at your own pace. Pleas see SaaS Provider Infrastructure for more info.
  • Mobile app: Make sure your mobile web app users experience high application performance all day, every day. Deploy on a virtual a cloud server with its unparalleled uptime, fully managed server option and best performance to price ratio. Please see Mobile Application Solutions for more info.