Application Hosting


Cloud application hosting is the most cost-effective way to maintain a software application and ensure it is running on infrastructure that won’t let you or your users down.

You can host virtually any application on the cloud - from legacy client/server apps to state-of-the-art mobile web architecture.  Anything that can be run on a standard server can be run on a Kamatera virtual cloud server, including VB6, .NET and HTML5 apps.  Any server setup you can think of, whether in-house, dedicated, hosted etc. Kamatera can do it cheaper, faster and more reliably.

Kamatera application hosting will:

  • Cost you less to set up
  • Cost you less to maintain
  • Take up fewer of your staff, space and energy resources
  • Take the responsibility of maintenance away from you

Want to know more? Please see the How it Works section