Web & App Developers


Virtual cloud servers

A cloud server is a virtual machine located in a cloud infrastructure, offering distinct advantages to developers, such as infinite scalability, high availability, performance and price.  Cloud server models provide computing power that is immediate, requires no upfront investment, and carries no long-term commitment.

You can launch a Kamatera server from any of our global locations instantly, running Windows or Linux OS, with the ability to expand configuration as required.  It is an infinitely scalable, low-cost server solution that cannot be matched in terms of availability or performance.

Web hosting panel

You can provision a Kamatera cloud server with a web hosting panel in a matter of minutes. This is an ideal solution for developers looking for a comprehensive web administration and management tool. 

A number of important features are built into all web hosting panel servers. These are primarily global definitions of locations and services that are transparently available to your customers and site owners.

As with all Kamateras  cloud server products, you can opt for a Windows or Linux based server.  Please see Web Hosting Panel for more info.

Managed cloud services

The Kamatera Managed Cloud is a service whereby we manage your cloud infrastructure for you, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing without having to actively maintain your computing system.

The purpose of the Managed Cloud service is to save you time and effort by taking on many of the tasks that you or your development team would otherwise have perform.  Our cloud experts are highly trained and manage cloud infrastructure on a full-time basis, so you can trust Kamatera to deliver efficient, quick and reliable service, leaving you to focus on development.  Please see Managed Cloud Services for more info.

Cloud firewall

A Cloud Firewall safeguards your cloud infrastructure and servers by providing protection against intrusion from unauthorized and suspicious sources such as hackers, DoS, code injection, viruses and other malware, unnoticed installation of root kits, and spyware or data leakage to malicious locations.

Kamateras network experts set up definitions, monitor activity and adjust settings as necessary to keep your defenses high at all times.  The firewall can serve as a hardware VPN server, permitting requests only from authorized sources to reach the servers, eliminating the need for additional VPN services.  Please see Cloud Firewall for more info.

Cloud load balancer

Kamateras Cloud Load Balancer distributes workloads across servers to keep your application performance stable even when usage load peaks, or if one of your servers fails. It is a virtual, scalable component that improves user response time and system stability. Please see Cloud Load Balancer for more info.