Start-Up Solutions

Use Cases

Startup companies vary greatly in nature, but many are technology oriented and highly innovative, requiring enterprise-grade computing power. Here are a few example use cases to demonstrate how Kamatera’s cloud computing services cater to startup companies.

Web Social App Startup

  • Development by a 3 person team, working from home at all hours
  • Cloud server available day and night and used for SVN, app testing
  • Cloud block storage for all developer private backups
  • Corporate site hosted on same server, running on WordPress
  • First trial customers, need to add SSL fast
  • Employ managed cloud to get professional assistance in SSL
  • Increase processing power with the acquisition of more customers
  • With viral growth, add CPU, main memory and disk space quickly

Search Engine Algorithm

  • Early development on entry level server
  • Real world system testing requires considerable computing power.  Add 20 CPUs to get the power needed, run for 48 hours, assess results, downsize to avoid unnecessary costs
  • Continue development on low powered servers
  • Again step up computing power for the next test live session
  • Early development on entry level server

Start up in the Area of Material Analysis

  • Low level computing requirements at beginning - single CPU, minimal memory and storage, MySQL database
  • Massive increase in computing power when needed to run analysis - 30 CPU cores and RAM of 128 Gb required for several hours - once a week
  • Return to regular configuration for ongoing development
  • First paying customer provides capital to maintain high level computing power 3 times a day
  • When enough paying customers have been acquired, can retain high power computing capabilities permanently

Stock Media Gallery Startup

  • Microsoft SQL database server and Microsoft based e-commerce application
  • Initial block storage (disk space) of 15G
  • Following massive advertising and increase in media providers and customers, storage demand grows by 5 Gb every week, so new block storage acquired on a weekly basis
  • Kamatera managed cloud services added to free up overworked team and shift monitoring task over to others
  • Deployment of additional servers and load balancer to optimize performance
  • After a year of successful activity, increase in media requires a daily increase of block storage by 5 Gb every day.

To learn more about how Kamatera can cater to your startup’s requirements at low cost and high performance, contact us today.