Start-Up Solutions


Startup companies are special, and Kamatera believes in lending extra support to young companies; helping them develop and grow into more advanced cloud infrastructure solutions.  We believe that investing in you now will earn us a dedicated, long-term client and we therefore provide an unrivaled level of service to startup companies, offering a high level of support, as well as discounts and sponsorship in some cases.

The powerful cloud computing infrastructure available today is ideally suited to startups as it offers a high level of performance and reliability, combined with manageable pricing and instant scalability.  Starting out with a single CPU and modest main memory and disk storage, your first cloud server provides all the connectivity, 24/7 availability and processing you require for your early stage development.  You can increase these resources at the touch of a button as your needs grow.

Cloud servers are a low-maintenance solution that is ideal for smaller teams who do not have a systems administrator:  There is no need to switch hardware, reinstall software, recover from crashes etc. because cloud computing is virtual.  You dont need to worry about any machinery, leaving you to focus on developing your company.

Importantly, Kamatera provides a personal level of customer service, precisely tailored to your startups needs.  We offer consulting and support as well as management services, all designed to suit a startup budget.