Cloud Systems Consultancy


Despite the wealth of available information and learning materials about cloud server management, infrastructure and technology, self-learning can be a slow and arduous process, as well as inaccurate. Mistakes can be costly and highly damaging, and it is often worth investing in a professional foundation when it comes to your cloud server infrastructure. Kamatera’s expert advice and guidance, delivered by cloud computing experts will make sure you avoid common pitfalls, and ensure you start using the cloud correctly and effectively to advance your business.

Kamatera provides cloud consultancy on-site as well as through private video conferencing. Our consultants assess your specific needs and tailor appropriate solutions to provide you with the most benefit at the lowest cost. Ultimately, using our expert consultancy service should save you money.

The areas covered by Kamatera’s expert consultancy service include:

  • Security considerations
  • High performance application serving
  • Scaling resources correctly
  • Operating systems
  • System configuration: load balancing, worldwide server distribution
  • Web hosting panels
  • Recommended server utility software