Cloud Instruction and Training


Kamatera provides instruction and training in a variety of cloud-related fields, to familiarize developers and IT personnel with cloud architecture, and train them on how to use cloud resources as efficiently as possible.

Kamatera’s expert team of cloud consultants have years of experience in internet infrastructure and a solid understanding of application architecture requirements. Their experience and systems outlook can help your technical team make informed decisions and provide them with the tools to effectively manage your cloud infrastructure in the future.

Instruction takes place on-site and through video conferencing and is given by Kamatera’s cloud specialists with years of experience of implementing cloud systems. The length and content of the training is tailored to your needs, as well as the experience of your staff.

Our dedicated consultants can advise you on:

  • Implementation and strategic planning of cloud server infrastructure
  • Monitoring and maintenance of cloud servers
  • Streamlining cloud architecture to optimize expenditure
  • Correct scaling of services
  • Potential problem solving
  • Disaster recovery (DR) implications
  • Cloud security ... and more