Disaster Recovery Management


Disaster recovery is the protection of an organization from the effects of significant negative events such as cyber attacks, equipment failures etc.  Disaster recovery management consists of preventing such a disaster and quickly resuming critical functions in the unlikely case that disaster strikes.

Kamatera offers a leading Disaster Recovery Management solution in the form of a subscription-based model designed to save you money in hardware and software license purchases.  As a part of Kamateras Managed Cloud services, we offer ongoing monitoring, as well as round the clock customer support to ensure we are available to assist you when you most require it.

Kamateras disaster recovery solutions include 24/7 real-time data replication, content system monitoring and a Server Recovery Option.  With Kamatera, your company database is saved onto a hard disk drive in real-time, so that an up-to-date your version of your data is always available for restoration if required.  At the same time, Kamateras system monitors the health of your server infrastructure, and issues a notification to the failover mechanism and system administrator in the case of a fault.  If the disaster strikes, Kamateras Server Recovery Option (SRO) is deployed and all user traffic is seamlessly redirected to a backup system with no noticeable change in user performance.