Managed Microsoft Cloud Services

Managed Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint is a central hub for business content.  It allows co-workers and business partners to share information much like social networks allow groups of friends to interact and share their experiences.  Microsoft Sharepoint is a collection of integrated business tools that includes internal site or portal building and management, data analysis, policy and procedure distribution, learning aids and more. It runs on Windows Server and integrates into Microsoft’s IIS web server.

Benefits of Sharepoint

Microsoft’s Sharepoint has been designed to integrate with external software such as ERP and CRM systems and improve collaboration between members of your team.  Sharepoint 2013 has taken this already-proven efficiency tool a stage further and now facilitates the safe and rapid sharing of Office documents with colleagues, customers and partners, sharing of questions, answers and ideas, compatibility with mobile devices, and synchronizing with your desktop.

What you get - benefits of Kamatera&rsquos Managed Cloud Sharepoint

  • Lowered infrastructure costs
  • Transparent collaboration across geo locations
  • Reduced risk via a robust cloud infrastructure
  • Archiving functions keep information available
  • Development of apps and distribution across private or public networks

What you don’t have to worry about - Kamatera’s included services

  • Acquiring, installing and managing servers
  • Ongoing software maintenance such as version upgrades, disk usage, backups and system optimization
  • Guidance and instruction on Sharepoint applications
  • All potential technical issues

For smaller companies who do not have the expertise or staff to manage their own servers, Kamatera can provide “Microsoft Sharepoint as a service”to significant financial benefit.

Enterprises who wish to improve their operational efficiency, reduce risk and manage a tighter budget can achieve these targets by replacing in-house Sharepoint server management and its variable budget, with a fixed amount every month.

Managed Microsoft Sharepoint Pricing


1-9 users   $10.90 per user per month
10-100 users   $9.90 per user per month
100+ users $8.90 per user per month


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