Managed Microsoft Cloud Services

Managed Microsoft CRM

Microsoft’s Dynamics Customer Relations Management is the most advanced CRM system on the market with social monitoring and analytical functions, application integration, extensibility, marketing tools, personalized service and high-powered sales productivity capabilities.

With Kamatera, you can enjoy all the benefits of a Microsoft CRM without the costs and work associated with its set up and management.  In line with Kamatera’s customer service policy, we provide a complete cloud service in which we set up Microsoft Dynamics for your company.  We perform the setup and maintenance, install patches and upgrades and otherwise look after your CRM environment, leaving your team to enjoy the benefits. You don’t need a system administrator when you use our managed Microsoft CRM, so you can allocate your resources elsewhere.

What you get - benefits of Kamatera’s Dynamics CRM

  • Industry leading software tool for managing customer relations
  • An XRM (Anything Relationship Management) platform
  • Built-integration with Skype, Outlook mail and calendar and Lync
  • An accelerator to boost your customer service capability
  • Case management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Powerful workflow
  • You can configure it as a customer club, for event management, customer complaint management, helpdesk, non-profit contributions and more
  • 24/7 support

What you don’t have to worry about - Kamatera’s included services

  • Dynamics CRM server installation and setup
  • Server security - our servers are secured by industry standard security measures
  • Scaling - maintaining the same fast response rate as you increase the number of users, without loss of performance or sharp increase in budget
  • System maintenance tasks - we perform these so you don’t have to
  • Server optimization and management
  • Backups of your CRM database
  • Protection against viruses and malware
  • Server infrastructure issues - power failures, disk crashes, internet connection etc.

Kamatera’s managed Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an excellent CRM infrastructure for a fixed monthly cost.  We offer CRM products to companies of any size - from small teams and SMBs to large scale corporations, all can benefit from Kamatera’s unique Microsoft CRM service.

Comparison of Self Managed vs. Fully Managed MS CRM

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Managed Microsoft CRM Pricing

Just like Kamatera’s other Microsoft products, the Managed Microsoft CRM service is charged on the basis of three variables; the number of servers, managed services (optional) and the number of licensed users.

  1. The number of servers you need is determined by the number of users, number of transactions and amount storage your organization needs. It ranges from $150/month for a single server serving up to 10 users, to $1000 for 3 servers serving up to 100 users or more.
  2. The managed services fee is based on the number of servers running the product, at a flat rate of $125 per server. For more information, see Managed Cloud Services
  3. User licensing is a flat fee of $2.50 per user.

To learn more about Kamatera fully hosted Microsoft Exchange service, contact us today.

Note: setup of the service is free of charge when committing to 3 months or more.

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