Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Plans

Basic Plan

The basic managed cloud plan includes the provision of services related to the Operating System.  These are categorized into support, installation/configuration and operations tasks as outlined below.


Before you launch your cloud server, Kamatera can assist with the planning of your server infrastructure based on your applications, number of users and their location, database requirements etc. to ensure you select the best features and options for your business.

Installation and Configuration

Managed cloud plans include the installation and configuration of server features as per your request, or as required to maintain the smooth operation of the cloud infrastructure.

  • Operating System and security upgrades as per your requests
  • Software patches for Operating System, web server, application server, database and other system software.
  • Setup and fine tuning of web servers - Apache or IIS
  • Domain transfer from other servers to Kamatera servers
  • Load balancing setup

Operation and Monitoring

This includes the analysis of network traffic going in and out of your server, and providing recommendations regarding cloud infrastructure changes that can bring about an improvement in performance.

Monitoring the status of your server day and night and addressing any problems that may arise is a part of the basic service we provide.

  • Running of daily backups of your entire cloud disk, plus any other backups you request, on demand or scheduled
  • Restoring, at your request, any folders or files from backup to your server down to a single file
  • Firewall monitoring and ongoing setup
  • 24/7 monitoring of http, ping or other operating services running on the server.


Kamatera offers ongoing support and assistance provided by experienced IT professionals to address any potential issues or provide guidance.

  • Support desk manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by experienced system engineers whom you can contact by telephone and email
  • Includes Operating System and associated services such as: Bind/DNS, Apache, MySQL, pureFTP, FTPd. crond, cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin
  • Addressing any problems and issues reported

Extended Plan

For customers wishing to outsource Kamatera’s technical staff to handle more than operating system issues, Kamatera offers an extended service, working together to become a vital component of your business operations.

All the services covered by the Managed Cloud Basic service are automatically included in the extended plan, as well as the services detailed below:

  • Monitoring:  24/7 monitoring of all ports and operating system services in use on your server and critical webpages of your site.  An automatic check is performed frequently and notification of any failure found is immediately sent to your Kamatera support team.
  • Troubleshooting:  Identifying and addressing server-related failures within minutes of an issue occurring.
  • Updates:  Systematic upgrades of all critical drivers, operating system updates and security updates.
  • Maintenance:  Checking available disk space, weekly deletion of old event logs and similar.
  • Backups:  Weekly checking of backup validity.
  • DNS Updates:  DNS definitions on your cloud server are made directly and requests are sent to external DN managers (eg. domain registrars).
  • Apache Updates:  We execute additions and changes to aliases, sites, FTP, and permissions, at any time, following receipt of a your request in the form of a support ticket (up to 2 requests per month).
  • Database Support:  Technical questions answered day and night on all issues relating to databases, including MySQL / phpMyAdmin, Microsoft SQL Server / Management Studio.
  • Development Environment:  Installation and upgrades of server side developer tools such as AJAX frameworks, J2EE, .NET, SVN

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