Software Licensing


Kamatera’s cloud server infrastructure products include optional business and system software licensing.  This offers the convenience of including the latest software package in a monthly, usage-based fee structure, with no need to purchase the costly one-off license.  Because the software resides in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about installations, setup or version upgrades.

There are 2 ways to get licensed cloud software products:

  1. Pre-installed software:  These are products such as operating systems and system administration tools, for example Microsoft Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server, cPanel, and Parallels Plesk hosting panel.  This type of software is already licensed by us so all you need to do is request the elements you wish to use before you provision your cloud server.  A charge is simply added to your monthly Kamatera bill, with no need to for additional registration or payment processes.
  2. Post-installed software:  You can also purchase software through us for a server you have already provisioned.  Our support team will install the software to you existing cloud infrastructure, and set it up for you.

Kamatera licensing is currently available for products from Microsoft, cPanel, Parallels and Red Hat, with more brands being added to our pay-per-use pricing model.  For full product list and pricing, please see Software Licensing Pricing page.