Cloud Firewall

How it Works

Kamateras Cloud Firewall prevents against unauthorized access to your network infrastructure by intercepting and then rerouting or blocking unwanted traffic.  The firewall analyses the data packets and filters them based on their source, destination and content, according to the rules you have defined.

In most cases, a single firewall placed at the gateway to your cloud servers should be sufficient to protect your entire cloud infrastructure.  If you have a large or complex server setup, you can have multiple firewalls, each protecting different server clusters with their own ruleset.

To set up your Cloud Firewall, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to the Kamatera Control Panel
  2. Launch a new firewall in any of our data centers (New York, Amsterdam, Hong Kong or Israel)
  3. Configure your VLANs and connect the firewall NICs to the relevant VLANs
  4. Login to your firewall using the IP and URL provided by the portal and you can now continue and manage your firewall rules