Cloud Firewall

Use Cases

Use Cases

If your business is vulnerable to, or would significantly suffer from, attacks such as malware, spyware or hacks, you should consider Kamatera’s Cloud Firewall. Kamatera’s Cloud Servers already offer a high level of security, but if you require additional safety measures, the Cloud Firewall provides an extra level of protection.

Here are some potential use cases:

  • App Developers: When your core business is the development of online applications, protection against unauthorized sources is paramount, both in terms of protecting your work and your clients. Use of the Cloud Firewall provides an extra level of security to your application development activities.
  • Start-up Companies: Start-up companies are often more vulnerable than established enterprises, or can appear so, due to a relative lack of maturity and resources. To protect your valuable business idea from hackers, viruses, malware and other malicious attacks, Kamatera’s Cloud Firewall can provide an additional ring fence.
  • Enterprises: Large companies, with many users and often several websites, can be left with weak spots in their online infrastructure, leaving them more vulnerable than systems utilized by a smaller team. Often, enterprises can benefit from a Cloud Firewall service to safeguard against weaknesses such as open ports.
  • SaaS Systems Providers: Just like enterprises, SaaS providers often have a distributed team, which manages several instances of their web applications. If you are a SaaS provider, Kamatera’s Cloud Firewall can help to secure your business against unwanted attacks.

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