Cloud Load Balancer


Kamatera’s cloud load balancer is a virtual, scalable, high availability component that improves user response time and system stability by distributing workloads across two or more working servers and resources to maximize performance and avoid overload.

After verifying server availability using HTTP, TCP or UDP checks, the Cloud Load Balancer routes incoming network traffic to the servers that are available for response.  Your performance will therefore remain stable even at times of peak usage, or in the unlikely event that one of your servers fails.

Kamatera Cloud Load Balancer can handle almost any number of requests and is not restricted by the number of servers you have, among its features are:

  • Load balancing algorithm based on Round Robin
  • Handling of SSL decryption (sometimes referred to as SSL offloading termination)
  • Least connections and weight
  • Session persistence across HTTP/S protocols and more

While maximum performance will be achieved by using Kamatera’s Cloud Servers, this is not mandatory; you can use cloud load balancing for 3rd party servers located outside the Kamatera Cloud.

Load balancing is charged on a pay-as-you-go basis, by actual time used by the minute, with no commitment, in line with Kamatera’s other cloud services.

Use Cases

If it is essential that your system stability remains consistent, then it is advisable for you to use Kamatera’s Load Balancers, either across Kamatera Cloud Servers or for third party servers located outside the Kamatera Cloud. Used primarily to circumvent system failures and performance reductions due to increased load, Load Balancers are an essential tool for companies whose finances, credibility or functionality are heavily dependent on performance.

Here are some potential use cases:

  • E-Commerce: One of the most obvious uses of Load Balancers is within companies that rely on consistent performance for their income. E-commerce businesses cannot make money if their sites are down, therefore can literally not afford a system failure. Load Balancers ensure stability and transaction speed at all times.
  • High Volume File Delivery: Systems that require large file deliveries, such as videos, may experience dramatic fluctuations in load and have to adjust quickly. Load Balancers can mitigate these fluctuations to ensure a consistent file transfer speed.
  • High or Changing Traffic: Businesses that experience high loads, or traffic that can change extremely rapidly, can benefit from Load Balancers that accommodate these changes and maintain performance.
  • High Profile: High-tech companies that market cutting edge technologies need to maintain performance for the sake of credibility and professional reputation.

How it Works

The Cloud Load Balancer works on a principle of executable rules that automatically react to conditions and available servers:  The system is programmed so that when a rule condition is recognized, the load balancer executes the action detailed, such as rerouting a request to the next available server.

In order to add a Cloud Load Balancer to your server infrastructure, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the Kamatera Control Panel
  2. Launch a new load balancer in any one of our data centers.
  3. Configure load balanced Protocols/Ports (HTTP/S, TCP, UDP) and the back-end servers IP addresses
  4. Configure optional load balancing features such as HTTP string search checks, SSL off loading, balancing algorithm, etc.
  5. That’s it!  Traffic will now be redirected to your new load balancer which will balance it between your servers



Kamateras Cloud Load Balancers can be resized using the control panel or API.  Estimated Traffic is based on existing customers operating applications, so the configuration may vary from one application to another depending on your specific usage.

Please see below for configuration and pricing details:


SizeCPURAMEstimated TrafficPrice
Medium11024MBUp to 50Mbit/sec $19
Small1 2,048MBUp to 100Mbit/sec$25 
Large24,096MBUp to 500Mbit/sec $64
Extra Large44,096MBUp to 2Gbit/sec$114 
Above 2Gbit/sec, scalability can be achieved by adding more Cloud Load Balancers as you need.

Additional Bandwidth Costs:

  • Internal in zone traffic - free of charge
  • Incoming traffic - Free of Charge
  • Outgoing traffic - Included the servers pricing.

Rates are fixed to all zones in all regions