Cloud Servers with Web Hosting Panel

Web Hosting Panels

The web hosting panels offered by Kamatera are market-leading web hosting tools serving the administrators of millions of websites worldwide. Here are some of the product features:

cPanel & WHM (Linux)

  • Used by over 60% of hosting providers worldwide
  • Control over your web server configuration, FTP servers, SSL hosts
  • Networking setup - internet definitions such as nameserver IPs and resolver configuration
  • Reseller management - get affiliates working for you
  • Backup and restore capabilities - offer these and other value-added services
  • Package management - define account conditions, move and copy accounts and more
  • Control over bandwidth allocated to site owners
  • Built-in tools to migrate to dedicated and cloud hosting services
  • Easy GUI interface to manage the server. No programming or http server configuration
  • Proven and familiar GUI interface for website owners / managers
  • Site security policy control
  • Password strength configuration
  • Rich API for managing
  • Support channel setup - define how your customers contact you for support
  • WebsitePanel (Microsoft Windows)
  • Full control over your web server configuration and web sites
  • Control over IIS, SQL Server, Exchange, Sharepoint, OCS, Lync and more
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012
  • MS FTP8 Support
  • Resource sharing across multiple customer accounts
  • 3-layer concept: user interface layer, technical business layer, and data access layer
  • Auditing tools
  • Quotas option (extended hosting plans) option to prevent creation and deletion by tenants
  • Variety of administration roles
  • Enable / disable domain and site ‘delete’buttons
  • User account lockout handling
  • Source code availability, based on NET 4.0

Parallels Plesk (Linux or Microsoft Windows)

  • Multi OS and multi server supported built-in
  • iPad and Android tablet apps - get into the post-PC era
  • Built in app installer - increase customer revenues
  • Built in value added services like domain name network, anti-spam and payment system
  • SaaS application management
  • Unlimited support from control panel vendor included
  • Independence to site owners/managers to add disk space within the limits you set
  • Uses APS 2.0 standard to maximize your application integration and customization capability