Cloud Servers with Web Hosting Panel

Use Cases

Before companies like Kamatera made cloud infrastructure widely available to any kind of business, a server with a web-hosting panel was thought of as something that only big hosting companies could use; a complex feature requiring a deep understanding of servers and Operating Systems.

Nowadays web hosting panels are more user-friendly than ever; they are a low cost, simple solution - and getting your own web hosting panel installed has never been easier.  Kamatera delivers your cloud server with the web hosting panel already installed, set up and ready to define. Plese take a look at the use cases below:

Web Hosting Panel Use Cases:

Site Builders 

Website designers, builders or copywriters may wish to offer their customers a hosting plan for their new website. This gives the service provider an additional source of revenue, an extended service offering and closer contact with the customer.


SEO companies need to make changes to customers’sites on a regular basis, for new reference websites and to enhance its back-link capability.  The web hosting panel facilitates this activity and allows the allocations of management capabilities to project managers and customers.


Enterprises (umbrella organizations or franchise companies with localized operations) often have several websites, which need to be managed.  A web hosting panel allows enterprises to create separate accounts for each website allocating responsibility to website owners who will have full access to their site only. These owners may be subsidiary companies, department managers, assigned administrators, franchise business partners etc.

Hosting Companies

Hosting companies use a sophisticated web hosting panel to help them manage infrastructure parameters and to set up and handle customer accounts, including different hosting plans and support tickets.

SaaS Systems Providers

SaaS providers manage many different instances of their web application for the purpose of performance, localization, development and dedicated customer installations. Many different sites are managed by deployment teams, development and QA, and a web hosting panel streamlines all these activities.

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