Cloud Servers

Compare To Other Solutions

Please take a brief look at the server service descriptions below to understand the various types of server architecture and how they compare to each other.

Traditional Dedicated Servers

This is a server setup in which the company, individual or organization owns and maintains their own infrastructure with little external support and input. The purchase of all required server hardware, installation and connection are up to the user. The equipment is traditionally either located in a data center, or in the organization’s own offices. The organization is responsible for server maintenance, security and upgrade activities, and often allocates a systems administrator to perform these tasks.

Hosted Dedicated Servers

A hosted dedicated server is where an organization leases a specific hardware combination from a hosting company. The servers and associated hardware remain the property of the hosting company and are located in the hosting company’s data centers, but are allocated exclusively to a specific client for a fee. Hardware maintenance and associated services are the responsibility of the hosting company, whilst features and preferences are managed by the client.

Self Owned Private Cloud

A private cloud entails a more elaborate setup than traditional dedicated servers. In this scenario, a more expansive range of servers and related hardware are purchased by the organization. As with traditional dedicated servers, these are physically located and maintained in the organization’s own data room. The infrastructure is run like any other cloud computing infrastructure, providing cloud servers to the organization itself, who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of a relatively complex and costly cloud server infrastructure.

Hosted Private Cloud

This is similar to the self owned private cloud, but rather than purchasing the hardware an organization merely leases it in the same way as with hosted dedicated servers.

Kamatera Cloud Servers

That’s us! Cloud Servers based in an enterprise-class cloud infrastructure offer the best of all worlds. With Kamatera cloud servers, there are no upfront investments in hardware, no management fees, instant scaling, instant hardware upgrades and more… please see the comparison table below.


Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Server
Private Cloud
Private Cloud
Cloud Servers
Solution DescriptionSee aboveSee aboveSee aboveSee aboveSee above
Setup feeNoneYesNoneYesNone
InvestmentHighNoneHigh NoneNone
Service Commitment/ ContractNoNo, but high end servers require commitment  No, but a change would be very expensiveYes, Typically 24-36 months  No
Redundant and High Availability HardwareNone  None Partial Partial Full+Geo Redundant
Servers Hardware and Infrastructure Management FeeSelf management requires expensive employeePartial, Check with provider Self management requires expensive employee hours  High None
Lead time from order to availabilitySeveral days to weeksSeveral hours to days  Several weeks  Several days to weeks Minutes
Hardware Scalability Availability (add more Servers, CPU, RAM, Storage, etc)Several days to weeks, plus time to find, order and purchaseSeveral hours to days Several weeks Several days to weeks  Minutes 
Network Scalability (Bandwidth, Load Balancers, Firewalls)Purchase or upgrade to better load balancers and Firewalls Purchase or upgrade to better load balancers and FirewallsPurchase or upgrade to better load balancers and Firewalls Purchase or upgrade to better load balancers and FirewallsIncluded as part of the cloud infrastructure
Worldwide Scale     
Hardware Upgrading (New technology, Better CPUs)Purchase everything again, High migration work and cost Pay more for the service, high migration work and costPurchase new hardware, high cost Pay more for the service, high cost Hardware is upgraded automatically at no cost or downtime
Expand infrastructure and Multiply serversEntails purchasing each additional server Entails leasing each additional serverEntails purchasing additional servers Entails leasing additional servers Unlimited, pay only for resources used 
 Pay for usageElectricity, air conditioning, real estate rental fees costs or colocation fees Fixed monthly fee for the entire server, whether you use it or not Electricity, air conditioning, real estate rental fees costs or colocation fees Fixed monthly fee for the entire setup, whether you use it or not Pay for what you use. Adjust configuration if unnecessary resources allocated 
 Manage Layer 2 & 3 Network Traditional switches and cabling managementTraditional switches and cabling managementRequires physical approach to the network and manual cabling Requires physical approach to the network and manual cabling Click and Manage by Kamatera Console 
 Infinite Scale UpNo. Replacement of server will be required at some stage and downtime No. Replacement of server will be required at some stage and downtime No. Replacement of server will be required at some stage  No. Replacement of server will be required at some stageYes, scale up or down without limit 
 Level of privacy and securityHigh High  HighHigh  High
Relative costColocation fee costs starting at appx. $100 /month/physical server + costs of server purchase + managemnet services - total cost of 250-500$ /month/serverStarting at 150$-500$ /month/server, depend on server configurationColocation fee costs starting at appx. 1500$ /month/rack + costs of servers purchase + management services - total cost of 3000$-5000$ /monthStarting at 1500$-5000$ /month/cloud + costs of management services - total of 3000$-5000$ /monthStarting at $19 a month for single small server and pay for exactly the resources you add

The above table compares typical server features. However, there may be significant differences between providers with similar technological approaches and the table is designed to represent a general market overview only.