Management Team

Yohay Azulay
Chief Executive Officer

Yohay is an expert in the fields of operating systems, web development and virtualization technologies. In 1995, he co-founded OMC Computers, the parent company of Kamatera and, in 1996, Yohay launched the company’s first hosting brand, which he named Kamatera. By 2002 he deployed Kamatera’s first hosted virtual machine using VPS (virtual private server) technology. He remains at the head of the company, overseeing its increasing activities and global development.

Asaf Azulay
Joint Chief Executive Officer

Asaf has more than 20 years experience in software development and marketing. He worked previously in the IAA (Israeli Air Force) before co-founding Kamatera, which later developed into the Kamatera cloud infrastructure provider of today. Assaf led the company’s early software development phases and now responsible for business development worldwide.

Isaac Sabag
Chief Technology Officer

Itzik joined Kamatera’s in 2009 from Netvision, one of Israel’s biggest Internet Service Providers, where he worked as an infrastructure engineer. Itzik is an expert in Microsoft and Linux operating systems and has played a central role in the development of the cloud infrastructure employed by the company today.

Raz David
Vice President of Sales

Raz has been with Kamatera since 2015, having previously spent nine years in the sales department of large ERP integrator in Israel. Raz has developed the sales team at Kamatera from a modest staff to the global workforce it is today.